Petfinder is an online pet adoption database. The purpose of this project was to create a fully integrated campaign across all media platforms.

Category: branding, advertising, guerilla, social media, web, mobile app

Team: Chelsea Cesor, Kayla Hamby, Benny Ventura

Position & Strategy: 
“Linking people, pets and community.”
Petfinder serves as the missing link between people, pets and community. As a result, the campaigns play with both omission and suggestion of linking. Ultimately, the goal is to make the public aware of adoptable pets available pets in their community. 


Print Ads: The print ads focus on the intimate connection made through adoption and reveal humorous truths about life with a pet. 


Invisible Dog Leash:
A group of actors with invisible dog leashes perform in public parks as a guerrilla campaign. Actors seek to draw the attention of bystanders, engaging with them whenever possible. When viewers inquire about the leash, actors reveal that Petfinder has what is missing on an information card.


Green-Screen Poster App
A large green-screen poster will be placed around the city for users to see “what’s missing.” After the photo is taken and the QR code is scanned, the user will see that their photo has been manipulated to include an animal from a local shelter.


Petfinder Water Fountains: 
Petfinder will sponsor the attachment of “doggy-fountains” to water fountains throughout various parks and public spaces. This emphasizes Petfinder’s desire to not only connect people to pets, but also people and pets to their community.   


Free WiFi Campaign: 
Petfinder will offer free wifi to targeted communities for a specific amount of time. The splash page will provide an opportunity for donating towards local shelters or connect to Petfinder’s website.


Petfinder Frisbee Connection: 􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎
The Petfinder Frisbee is a two-piece disk which must be snapped together in order to use. 􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎􏰎A Petfinder representative will pass out frisbee halves to individuals at a dog park event. This encourages interaction and allows pet owners to connect with other pet owners in their community.


This social media strategy promotes community amongst all pet adopters. Individuals are encouraged to share their experiences with adopting animals in a short video. Participants symbolically catch a frisbee, tell their story or promote awareness for a local shelter, then “pass the frisbee” to a nominee of their choosing. These videos would loop on the website and would be accessible through hashtags.